About Us

We here at Soap Suds are a company based in NY, who has always had a passion for soap, our kids kept asking us for an all in 1 Shampoo and Bodywash soap bar so they didn’t have to switch between different Shampoo to Bodywash bottles. This alternative is amazing for kids as well as for the environment, eliminating the plastic bottles.

During our research, we found that the bar size, which can easily fit in your child’s hands, gives them more confidence and responsibility. When they hold their own bar they feel like a grown up and like they can take on the world. It is extremely important for kids to have the self confidence instilled in them at a young age. We believe that our Soap Suds Shampoo and Bodywash all in one bar will not only help increase their confidence, but also create a sense of independence that will carry them into their grown up years. The building block shapes and various colors not only make the shower more enjoyable for the child, it makes it easier for the parent to get them in the shower on a regular basis, without the huffs and puffs from the kids. Soap Suds has found a way for shower time to be fun time.